Ancient Rhythms

Ancient Rhythms

Growing a life with God is like growing a garden. Good gardens are cultivated. They don’t just spring to life out of nowhere, rather they’re raised to life with care and attention. They flourish when they’re tended.  

And so it is in our life with Christ.  We flourish in our living when we cultivate a life with Jesus. 

For Thousands of years the church has stepped into various rhythms of Scripture Reading, Prayer, Sabbath, and much more into order to cultivate a life that grows into all God has in mind for his people.  In fact, it is when we step into these rhythms that we actually find and grow the life that we have always wanted!

Over the first six weeks of the New Year we are inviting you, MCA Church, to discover and practice your own unique rhythms that will keep you growing in Christ for years to come.  We will do this through three areas:

Sermon Series

Our Sunday Sermons will explore how the various Spiritual Disciplines keep us vitally connected to life in Christ and growing into his purposes.

Empower Groups

Our Empower Groups will work through Ken Shigematzu’s Book, God In My Everything: How an Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy GodAt the end of the 6 weeks participants will have discovered rhythms that uniquely keep them connected to God and a workable way of stepping into them.

Neighbourhood Prayer

During the week of January 28 - February 3 we will gather in “prayer hubs” across the city for an evening of prayer.  We are asking people to find the prayer hub in their neighbourhood to meet others from MCA Church in your area to begin praying for our city.  If you are interested in hosting a prayer hub in your area please contact Keith.