Growing a Life With Jesus

Jesus teaches us there is a connection between our heart and our treasure.  He says, “where your treasure is, there your heart is also” (Matthew 6:21).  That means if we learn to collect the good treasure we can grow a good heart.  If we collect God’s treasures we can grow God’s heart in us! 
At MCA Church we want to teach our kids a life-long pattern of living designed to grow God’s heart in them by collecting God’s treasures. How do we do it?  Through buttons.
Buttons represent the things that help us grow a life with Jesus.  For instance, when we read God’s Word in the Bible, we are in fact growing our life with Jesus, we are filling our life with treasure.  To represent the treasure of God’s Word in our hearts we receive a button! So, whenever we do something that helps us grow a life with Jesus, we receive a button. 

What do we receive a button for? The things we have done throughout the week that help us grow a life with Jesus!

·        When we read the Bible or memorize a Bible verse
·        When we Pray to God, out loud or quietly in our heart
·        When we take time to worship God, at home, at school, at play
·        When we share the love of Jesus with our friends
·        When we do something generous, giving our time, money or talents to others
When we do all of these things it’s like collecting treasure, treasures that grow our relationship with Jesus!  
But here is the really exciting thing: God wants us to share our treasure with others!  Whenever God does something good in our hearts he wants us to bless other people with that good thing too.  That is why every month, on a special Celebration Sunday, we will take all of the buttons we’ve collected and will “pour them out” to bless other people, so they can grow a life with Jesus too! 
On Celebration Sundays kids will get to choose where they want to pour out their buttons.  We will have 3-4 missional projects highlighted through the year and whenever you “pour out” your treasure into a project MCA Church will make a donation to support the project.  Some of the projects the kids will support are to: Fill a Bag (groceries that support local families through the food bank), Fill a Backpack (providing school supplies for local families in need), Fill a Box (provide practical supplies for our Alliance Missionaries). 

We want our kids to learn that what we receive from God is for blessing others with!