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At MCA Church we are thankful to be able to gather both online and in-person to give our hearts to Jesus each week.  Part of our worship to God, is to act with care and love toward our neighbours.  As such, here are the steps being taken as we gather in person each Sunday morning. 

Gathering Size & Seating: We have set up our sanctuary to accommodate approximately 225 people in person each service.  This is roughly 50% of our capacity limit.  We ask that you take your seat in the pews marked with white tape and make room for others by sliding into the middle of the pew when possible. 

Other Public Health Measures: Please sanitize your hands upon entering the building and practise thorough and frequent hand washing.  We kindly ask you to wear a mask when attending services.  Please also be conscious of the fact people have different levels of comfort when it comes to gatherings.