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The life of prayer is essential for the journey of a Christ follower in growing in relationship with God, and with the community of His people. For many who choose to follow Jesus, prayer can feel like a complicated, even foreign experience that may become a self-focused dialogue. However, there is so much more to prayer. It is in prayer that we have access to the heart of God and the intimacy of his presence. In prayer we bring our requests, joys, sorrows, concerns, and petitions before Him. In prayer we pause intentionally in His presence and actively listen to what He is saying about Himself, us, and others.  


Session 1: The Life of Prayer: An invitation to deeper connection (The difference prayer makes)

Session 2: Pathways of Prayer: Connecting with the heart of God (models of prayer) 

Session 3: Doors to Hearing God: How we hear and what can hinder our hearing

Session 4: Listening Prayer & Intercession: Connecting to the heart of God with/for others 

This Equipping Seminar is lead by Carmen & Jeremy Kinniburgh.  See more at 


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