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Youth grades 8-12 will join their small group for a special night out!


April 18th - Small Group Night

Invite your friends!

Grade 8 Boys
(Joel & Braden) - Board games and Movie at MCA Church (7-9pm)

Grade 9/10 Boys(Luke & Calen) - Gneiss Climbing (430 Banks Rd #101, Kelowna, BC V1X 6A3) $20 - Parents need to go in and sign a waiver or online at 

Grade 11/12 Boys(Darnell & Brendan) - Meet at MCA Church at 7pm with your bike. Bring $5 for some hot chocolate as we bike around town!

Grade 8/9 Girls(Taylor & Lindsay) - Board game night at MCA Church - Bring a snack to share! (7-9pm)

Grade 10/11 Girls(Jocelyn) - Movie night at the McCaskell's - Bring a snack to share! (7-9pm) - 305-2035 Baron Rd.

Grade 12 Girls(Gwen & Nicole) - Games and snacks at Gwen's - (7-9pm) 787 Cassiar Road.