Kami  Rudder
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The Hiebert’s:
Mexico City has been hit hard with Covid-19. Most people have no choice but to continue working despite the number of cases and deaths continuing to rise. This is a very difficult situation to manage for everyone. Please pray for us to lead our team well through the pandemic while being creative in continuing to minister to the people around us.
Our team is navigating a season of transition: a number of our International Workers have to remain in Canada for 6 months longer than anticipated, others are returning to Canada to begin their home assignments, our Regional Developers Murray and Michelle Derksen have moved on from their role, Mexico Team leadership has been passed onto us and there is of course all the transition that comes with navigating a global pandemic. In this era of excitement and anxiety, pray that our team would recall the Lord’s deep compassion, presence and abounding love and move forward with courage and confidence.
As a follow-up to the Alpha Online Course that finished in June, we have begun The Prayer Course - an 8 week journey through the Lord’s Prayer - with many of the former participants and volunteers of Alpha.  Some of the participants have no current church connection so this is a way to continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus and church family.  We praise God for their desire to grow deeper in Jesus despite the circumstances. 


The Wilkins:

Praise the Lord that our community has re-opened and that we can return to the factory after 4 months of having it closed. Pineapple production will begin in a few weeks. We are so thankful this can go ahead at a time when many have been unable to work. Please pray that the presence of God is felt by those who join us.