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You may or not be aware that here at MCA we have a phenomenal and always expanding library for you to use!

As we launch into the New Year we thought we'd take some time to highlight some of our favourite reads that you can find in our library. 

God Walk - By Mark Buchanan

What happens when we literally walk out our Christian life? Drawing on Jesus' lived example of walking, pastor and bestselling author Mark Buchanan explores one of the oldest spiritual practices of our faith.

We often act as if faith is only about the mind. But what about our bodies? What does our physical being have to do with our spiritual life? When the Bible calls us to walk in the light, walk by faith, or walk in truth, it means these things literally as much as figuratively.

The most obvious thing about Jesus' method of discipleship, in fact, is that he walked and invited others to walk with him. It's in the walking that his disciples are taught, formed, tested, empowered, and released.

Part theology, part history, part field guide, God Walk explores:

  • Walking as spiritual formation
  • Walking as healing
  • Walking as exercise
  • Walking as prayer
  • Walking as pilgrimage

With practical insight and biblical reflections told in his distinct voice, Buchanan gives you the tools and encouragement you need to immediately implement the practice of living at God's speed.

Soul Care: 7 Transformational Principles for a Healthy Soul - By Dr. Rob Reimer

Brokenness grasps for the soul of humanity. We are broken body, soul, and spirit, and we need the healing touch of Jesus. Soul Care explores seven principles that are profound healing tools of God: securing your identity, repentance, breaking family sin patterns, forgiving others, healing wounds, overcoming fears, and deliverance.

Dr. Rob Reimer challenges readers to engage in an interactive, roll-up-your-sleeves and get messy process -- a journey of self-reflection, Holy Spirit inspiration, deep wrestling, and surrender. It is a process of discovering yourself in true community and discovering God as He pierces through the layers of your heart.

Life change is hard. But these principles, when packaged together and lived out, can lead to lasting transformation, freedom, and a healthy soul. Soul Care encourages you to gather a small group of comrades in arms, read and process together, open your souls to one another, access the presence and power of God together, and journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ.


Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World - By Kara Powell, Art Bamford & Brad M Griffin

Feel like your kids are drowning in a sea of new questions, apps, and devices? Want to talk about digital media more with your kids, but aren't sure how? Help is here. Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World helps you think and talk differently about digital media, as you learn from inspiring and creative parents like you who navigate these ever-changing waters day after day. Drawing from the best research on media and youth, as well as our own conversations with parents and teenagers, this resource offers new breakthroughs for your most pressing tech-related dilemmas.


Happy reading MCA Family!