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MCA Kids Summer Sundays begins July 1st - September 2nd.

This summer we want to give our year round leaders a well deserved break, but as you know we still have some big needs and want to provide the best ministry to our kids and families that come over the 10 weeks. Here is what we offer this summer on a sunday morning.

  • Ages 0-2 - Nursery
  • Ages 2-5 - Preschool Room 118
  • Kindergarten to Grade 4 - Youth Room
  • Grade 5 to Grade 7 - Sign up to serve in MCA kids

All you have to do is choose one Sunday to serve. You can serve as a small group, serve as a family, serve on your own. Please take a moment to consider being a part of our summer serve team and contact the MCA Kids Staff to sign up & show up! 

Contact Sarah Ward : MCA Kids Summer Intern