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Hello MCA,

A new month is upon us and with it brings some new books we'd like to bring to your attention in our library! These books pair perfectly with a chai tea latte and the sermon series our church is currently going through.


The Life You've Always Wanted - John Ortberg

Ignite a deeper, more vibrant relationship with God that impacts not just your spiritual life but every aspect of your daily life.

John Ortberg calls readers back to the dynamic heartbeat of Christianity--God's power to bring change and growth--and reveals how and why transformation takes place.

The Life You've Always Wanted offers modern perspectives on the ancient path of the spiritual disciplines. But it is more than just a book about things to do to be a good Christian. It's a road map toward true transformation that starts not with the individual but with the person at the journey's end--Jesus Christ.

As with a marathon runner, the secret to finishing a race lies not in trying harder, but in training consistently--training with the spiritual disciplines. The disciplines are neither taskmasters nor ends in themselves. Rather they are exercises that build strength and endurance for the road of growth. The fruit of the Spirit--joy, peace, kindness, etc.--are the signposts along the way.

Paved with humor and sparkling anecdotes, The Life You've Always Wanted is an encouraging and challenging approach to a Christian life that's worth living--a life on the edge that fills an ordinary world with new meaning, hope, change, and joy.


DNA of a Christ Follower - Daren Wride 

Discover the Eight Traits That Will Revolutionize Your Christian Life, Leadership and Discipleship.

The word Christian, once a powerful descriptor of a peculiar people, has become meaningless. It no longer identifies those who have aligned themselves with the person of Jesus Christ.

Imagine a world in which Christians again looked like Jesus.
Where spiritual leaders made disciples
Where churches were groups of people with an insatiable desire to follow their Saviour
Where those who identified themselves with Jesus accurately represented his character

It's time to:
Simplify, clarify and focus your spiritual life
Raise up Christian leaders who make disciples
Help churches rediscover their reason for existence
Honestly ask Am I identifiable as a follower of Jesus Christ?


A Long Obediance In The Same Direction - Eugene Peterson

Since Eugene Peterson wrote this spiritual formation classic more than forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been inspired by its call to deeper discipleship. Our society is still obsessed with quick fixes. But Peterson's time-tested prescription for discipleship remains the same―a long obedience in the same direction.

Following Jesus requires a deepening life of prayer, and throughout history Christians have learned to pray from the Psalms. Peterson finds particular encouragement for today's pilgrims in the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120–134). With prophetic and pastoral wisdom, he shows how the psalms teach us to grow in worship, service, joy, work, humility, community, and blessing.