Keith Whitaker
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In light of the recent concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus, MCA Church is implementing the following requirements: 

  • Anyone with mild to moderate cold of flu symptoms (fever, tiredness, dry cough, aches/pains) are asked to stay at home and not patriciate in activities or gatherings at our facility.  This applies to staff, ministry leaders, congregants, and all other users of our building. 

  • Everyone who is onsite is required to practice regular and thorough hand washing (warm water, soap, and scrubbing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds).  Proper hand washing protocols are posted in the washrooms.  Hand sanitizer stations are also available in the foyer and upstairs, outside the Children's wing.

  • We also ask that people refrain from shaking hands.

Following these simple measures will help stop the spread of viruses.  Thanks for doing your part.