Brendan McCaskell
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An excerpt from Charles Spurgeon. 

What myriads of eyes are casting their glances at the sun! 
What multitudes of men lift up their eyes, 
and behold the starry orbs of heaven! 

They are continually watched by thousands
but there is one great transaction in the world's history, 
which everyday commands far more spectators than that sun 
which goes forth like a bridegroom, 
strong to run his race. 

There is one great event, 
which every day attracts more admiration than the sun, 
and moon, and stars, 
when they march in their courses. 

That event is, 
the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
To it, the eyes of all the saints
who lived before the Christian era were always directed; 
and backwards, 
through the thousand years of history, 
the eyes of all modern saints are looking. 

Upon Christ, 
the angels in heaven perpetually gaze. 
"Which things the angels desire to look into," said the apostle. 

Upon Christ, 
the myriad eyes of the redeemed are perpetually fixed; 
and thousands of pilgrims, 
through this world of tears, 
have no higher object for their faith, 
and no better desire for their vision, 
than to see Christ as he is in heaven, 
and in communion 
to behold his person. 

we shall have many with us, 
while this morning we turn our face to the Mount of Calvary. 
We shall not be solitary spectators of the fearful tragedy of our Saviour's death: 
we shall but turn our eyes to that place 
which is the focus of heaven's joy and delight, 
the cross of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ.