Keith Whitaker
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Every Thursday we take a moment to pause and turn our hearts to Jesus in worship.  


The Blessing - Ben & Brianna Folkman

Social distance…
Who would have ever thought that may be a combination of words we live by??
Because of a biological reality, we adjust our social reality… we know both may result in casualties.
It could be looked at like a kind of forced fast - a disciplined withdrawal for future health. 
Time set aside to meditate on

Spiritual distance… 
Distance between us and ourselves via distractions
Between us and our family/neighbors/friends every time we choose busy-ness over present-ness
Between us and God with every decision that says, not right now… 
Right after this thing/status/feeling I obtain/acquire/achieve, then I’ll stop to enjoy God,
And consider taking care of one of His children (re-imagine anyone in life as a child of God)

Biologically we are all born to un-chosen parents
Spiritually we are all adopted by a Father who, given the chance, chooses us just as we are
Whether or not we had an earthly father who said any blessing over us, this song is a re-packaging of God’s stated blessings over His children
If you try to imagine and share a blessing from your heavenly Father, what would it sound like?

So brothers and sisters in Christ, our family is scattered
And united
Will the distance weaken us or strengthen us?
How has God blessed you in order to bless others?
We hope this song will be an encouragement during this time
That it would be a tiny fraction of the courage-giving that God wants to provide
That it would do for you what it has for us and speak things that we all want to say, and we all want to hear, somehow both at the same time
He is with you

Peace & love from the Folkmans