Keith Whitaker
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Take a worship moment today - 5 minutes to turn your heart to Jesus in the midst of your day.

This week's worship moment comes from our Wednesday Prayer gathering on Zoom. As we prayed through Psalm 95 we came to verse 5 which says, "Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker." Two things struck me about the verse.  First, the posture of worship - bowing down, on the knees. That is not the typical posture we take. In our covid times we are being forced to learn many new postures of worshipping, because our typical posture of gathering in a building with one another has been taken away! Second, I was struck by how God is described: The Lord our Maker. The truth is, God is making something out of us as we worship. Even now, in this season of isolation, in our new ways of worshipping, God is making something out of us. 

Which brings me back to our prayer meeting. As we began to pray, asking the Lord for wisdom and leadership in the days ahead as we look to gather again as we once did, a woman in the prayer group shared a song the Lord had been speaking to her during our time of prayer. We affirmed it to be the Lord's word to us as we sought his heart that evening.  The song is called, "Not In A Hurry,” and it speaks about God's nearness in this moment.

Take a worship moment today, and turn your heart's eye to Jesus, who is with you right now, right where you are.